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In Residence

The InResidence exhibition was located in the National Museum of Architecture in Oslo as one of the main locations for the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2016 - After Belonging.


atelier 36 was rensponsible of the construction design and mouting supervision togehter with the curatorial team After Beloging Agency. 


The exhibition space was divided in 10 steel pergolas representing the 10 different sites that were object of research by the invited architecture teams.


Each site was studied independently and the result of the analysis came in many different formats. The yellow pergolas grouped the exhibition elements defining stations where visitors could understand each site independently, but maintaining the openness, transparency and interconnectability of the whole room and avoiding the room-inside-room feeling of the exhibition space.

pergola 02.jpg
pergola 01.jpg
pergola 03.jpg
pergola 04.jpg
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