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atelier36 is an Oslo-based architectural studio with focus on culture, exhibition and transformation projects

Labben  .  Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Labben is a transformation project of an existing art gallery at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Sandvika, Norway. The 1500 m2 space will be transformed into new workshop spaces open for the public. The new Lab will include graphic, painting and sculpture workshops in adition to dark room and a series of art studios.

 >> under development <<

Labben is a project by +groma developed in collaboration with atelier 36


Homō Loquēns   しゃべるヒト

Homo Loquens exhibitions will be open to the public on September 1st.

exhibition website >>

The National Museum of Anthropology in Osaka will host an ambitious temporary exhibition dedicated to human communication and language where atelier36 is responsible for the exhibition architecture and design. ​ Due to the size and complexity of the exhibition, the design had to function as support and background of a very heterogen content. The space will host all kinds of material from graphics, research artefacts, photographs and interactive content. I addition every entry will be explained in at leat 3 languages: Japanese, English and Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and the space will be fully accessible for all types of speakers and signers.  The exhibition deals with “language” in all its forms invitint to explor a tool which is familiar to all of us but that we very rarely reflect on. Over 50 researchers inside and outside Japan collaborate in the content shown in the exhibition - specializing not only in linguistics but also in anthropology, engineering, education, brain science and cognitive psychology, As part of the exhibition there are also artist works related to language and human communication, as the installation by Daisuke Yamashiro. The design creates some common elements that guide visitors though the extensive and hetergoneous content of the exhibition. A long curved table takes you quitely thought the differnt rooms defined by colored courtains.

Forest cabin

Transformation of a small existing cabin from the 70'. The main focus in our project was to open up the interior to the surronding forest. The smallest rooms where extended to the outside and the existing structure made visible again by opening the ceilings. > to be completed in fall 2022

Letters to the Mayor

Letters to the Mayor is a itinerant exhibition, conceived by the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York and has travelled to many cities worldwide: Madrid, Bogotá, Sidney, London. In each venue the content and the design of the exhibition changes, maintaning only the format: architects, city planners and urbanists write a letter to the city’s mayor expressing their concerns, thoughts and visions for the future. In A36 we decided to raise the problem of immigration and segregation in Oslo. Our participation consisted on a politically charged calligram that depicted Oslo’s immigrant population distribution to highlight it the latent divisions in the social fabric.

Byggleken Lekbruket

Temporary construction playground designed in collaboration with Byggstudio in Örebro during the summer of 2021. The design in timber is inspired by the former brick factory situated on the location until 1960.

 for more information on the project visit

OAT 2016 - In Residence

The InResidence exhibition was located in the National Museum of Architecture in Oslo as one of the main locations for the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2016 - After Belonging. atelier 36 was rensponsible of the construction design and mouting supervision togehter with the curatorial team After Beloging Agency. The exhibition space was divided in 10 steel “pergolas” representing the 10 different sites that were object of research by the invited architecture teams. Each site was studied independently and the result of the analysis came in many different formats. The yellow pergolas grouped the exhibition elements defining stations where visitors could understand each site independently, but maintaining the openness, transparency and interconnectability of the whole room and avoiding the “room-inside-room” feeling of the exhibition space.

OAT 2016 - On Residence

The OnResidence exhibition was part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 - After Belonging. atelier 36 was rensponsible of the construction design and mouting supervision togehter with the curatorial team After Beloging Agency. The exhibition was located at DOGA, an old industrial building that pose many challenges in the use of walls and ceiling. The space had a high level of protection and most of the architecture couldn’t be disturbed. As in the InResidence exhibition, the diversity of formats and dimensions of the multiple installations, required an extremely flexible design that allowed the visitor to experience the space in one glimpse and, at the same time, be able to deepen in each object. In the final design, most of the exhibition content hanged from the 10 m ceiling, reducing the contact with the floor to the maximum and emphasising the sense of lightness and transparency.

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